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8 Ways To Excell At Lead Generation

August 6, 2018

Model your most profitable customers. Use analytics to build a profile of your best customers and use that model to find similar prospects. Find a data company that also offers modeling services. Your prospects can be modeled at the contact or company level.

Enhance your Linkedin skills. LInkedin is a treasure trove. You can research prospects by many variables - title, function, skills, groups, industry,company - and reach them with ads, sponsored content and email.

Attract them with killer content. Write content that helps them solve their business challenges that they are likely to be searching for answers on line.

Use Google display ads. Google lets you "describe" your ideal prospects with keywords and hunt them down all over the Internet. Use their keyword planning tool to generate likely phrases from your website and those of your competitors.

Ask for referrals. Business folks like to share valuable information and do favors. So make referral requests a standard part of your marketing communications.

Partner with a reliable data broker. Preferably one who has experience with your target audience. A broker can introduce you to the most productive prospecting data sources and lists.

Add an offer for irresistible content on your website. Gate it with a web form. Visitors to your site have demonstrated an interest in your category. Now make sure you capture their names and whatever information you can to develop a relationship.

Keep your prospecting data clean. B2B data degrades quickly. So, regular updates and attention to list hygiene is critical.

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