Multi Media


Known for their long history as a sewing machine manufacturer, Singer was venturing into home appliances. Since we were on a tight budget, this :30 second spot was shot in one day and edited the next. We developed the script and storyboards as well as art directed the shoot.


Filmed on site at a blood bank, this video served as both a selling tool and instructions for use. This system featured a unique blood sampling arm which diverts blood into a pouch. Blood is drawn from the pouch via a blood collection tube for testing while blood is filling the primary blood collection bag. Prohaska & Company developed the script, directed photography and final editing.

Shelcore Toys

We helped Shelcore produce its first television commercial highlighting its line of toys for infants and toddlers. Prohaska & Company handled all aspects of the shoot including script writing, storyboards, casting, video production and editing of this :30 second spot.


Interlux was launching their new website and wanted to add some punch to the home page. Using one of their in-house staff as spokesperson, we filmed him in front of a "green screen". Utilizing a proprietary process, we seamlessly integrated his image with their home page to deliver a dynamic selling message. Three versions were produced and rotated periodically.
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